Creativity Team


Creativity Team

Lia Mennitti

Global Education Manager

Despite his age, he already has 10 years of experience in the industry and two as Education Manager. He has a highly recognizable touch: not surprisingly, he has become the undisputed reference person at Kaaral Academy.

Mark Flint

Global Artistic Director

Thanks to his passion, he has been in the haircare industry for 21 years and has been part of the team for more than 12 years. A man of a great charisma, he loves to perform on stage, where he always gives his greatest performance.

Pavel Kabelák

Chief Trainer
Kaaral Czech Republic

Training Manager in the Czech Republic for more than 8 years. With 25 years of experience as a hairstylist, he is appreciated and loved by hairstylists for her artistry in cut and color.

Silvo Meridiani

Kaaral Canada

Dynamic and creative. Passion drives his preparation for education and international presentations. With 35 years experience as a platform and session artist he continues to ambassador the Kaaral brand through show presentation and educational format as Kaaral creative director Canada.

Marta Robak

Ambassador & Creative Director
Kaaral Poland

An international figure of great renown in hair design. Creative Director at Kaaral Poland and Ambassador for Kaaral products. Continuously involved in world hairdressing championships.

Jean Pierre Strangis

Technical Trainer
Kaaral Switzerland

With a very charismatic and creative talent, he has been part of the international team of educators since 2016. He pours his time and passion into developing the Kaaral brand and became the Kaaral Academy’s Technical Manager in Switzerland.

Mateja Lah

Kaaral Slovenia

Dynamic and sparkling, her work is her greatest passion. Since her youth she has invested all her energy in the hairdressing industry, obtaining tremendous results, culminating in becoming Technical Manager of Kaaral Slovenia.

Fatima Vieira

Kaaral Portugal

Her career began 35 years ago, and she currently holds the position of educator in Portugal. She is involved in advertising in several weekly and monthly magazines with articles on fashion collections. She loves to teach and share her secrets.

Alexandra Kremenetskaya

Art-director, Head technologist
Kaaral Russia

She has 12 years in the Beauty industry and 6 of them she is a member of the Kaaral Russia team. Alexandra has her own creative vision, artistic taste and strong organizational skills. Experienced specialist in coloring and haircuts.